How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (2023)

Have you ever played 4 in a row (connect 4)? There's nothing like a classic two player puzzle game to challenge your brain. However, it is also popular among iPhone users. Many users wantplay four in a rowin their iMessage app on iPhone but they can't do it because they don't know the rules and regulations of this game.

So whatever your playstyle, with a friend or a strong virtual opponent, we've got you covered. Here you can get all the information you need.How to Earn Connect 4 in iMessage.

How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (1)


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  • 1 What are Match Four in iMessage?
  • 2 How to get the Four in a Row app on iPhone
  • 3 How to play and win Connect 4 to your contacts through iMessage?
  • 4 Are there strategies to win Connect 4?
    • 4.1#1. Think a few moves ahead
    • 4.2#2. Don't forget the diagonals
    • 4.3#3. block enemy moves
    • 4.4 #4. no hurry
    • 5.1 From the author's desk | How to win Connect 4

What are Match Four in iMessage?

The name suggests that the four-way game consists of lining up four discs of the same colour. Any other color in the line does not block the discs, neither vertically, nor horizontally nor diagonally. Each player takes a turn and places their disc where they want, and the player with the first four discs placed wins the game.

Make sure to block your opponent so you can take the turn and increase your chances of winning. Like Connect Four, Line Four is easy to learn, fun, and easy to play.

How to Get Match Four App on iPhone

You must download the GamePigeon app to play andwin connect 4Play with your contacts as it is not available as a standalone app on the iMessage store.

  1. To do this, openadvertson your iPhone's home screen or app library.
  2. In the Messages app, open anyinterviewer.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (2)
  3. You can now open the iMessage app store by tapping on the gray app store icon.
  4. tap to searchSeekicon on the right side of the overlay window.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (3)
  5. Type in the search barpombo bravoand clickSeekType in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
  6. then look for thempombo bravotile and clickTo receivebutton next to it. Your purchase will then be verified through the App Store. Therefore, we recommend that you specify your preferred authentication method.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (4)

How to play and win Connect 4 with your contacts through iMessage?

Once both of you have downloaded the GamePigeon app on your respective phones, you can start playing right away.

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Messages app from the home screen to start a game with one of your contacts.
  2. You can then select the conversation header you want to playfour in a rowby touching the name in the conversation headeradvertsapartment You can also compose a new message by clicking onwrite a messageSymbol.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (5)
  3. tap onpombo bravoApp drawer icon once in the conversation view to see the full list of games.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (6)
  4. Choosefour in a rowOptions grid block on your screen.
  5. tap onTo sendButton to invite the selected contact to a game after adding your message in the field provided.
  6. To start the match four game, simply tap on the game tile after sending a game invite to your contact.
  7. Tap the grid once your opponent's turn is over to add a disc of your color. The puck can be positioned however you like by dragging it over the grid after dropping it. Click at the bottom of the windowTo sendbutton to confirm your move.How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (7)
  8. To get all four pucks in a row, you need to make sure you don't let your opponents do the same by placing your pucks between theirs.
  9. The game ends when a player hits four pucks in a row.

Are there strategies to win Connect 4?

To win Four in a Row, you must line up four of your pieces in front of your opponent. You have the color option for the characters. When building the board, you will have several pieces at your disposal.

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The boards are arranged with empty spaces. The goal is to connect four tiles in a row; You and your opponent place your pieces on these squares.

The placed piece cannot be moved once it has been placed. In a tie, the first person to get a row of four wins, but the game is over if no one gets a row.

#1. Think a few moves ahead

How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (8)

Playing requires more than just thinking about your next move. The next step is to anticipate what the other player will do so that you can respond appropriately. To achieve this, you must try to imagine all possible outcomes. This is called strategic thinking. To succeed in Four In a Row or towin connect 4, you must anticipate your opponent's response.

#two. Don't forget the diagonals

It's not just about getting on and off at Four In A Row. You can also use diagonals. In cases where you feel stuck with your horizontal and vertical movements, look into diagonal options.

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Keep a close eye on your opponent's moves in this area as well. They may be thinking diagonally when you are not.

#3. block enemy moves

How to play four in a row in iMessage | WinConnect 4 (2023) (9)

Four In a Row has this strategy as one of its key components. If you're not careful, the other player can get closer to you if you move far enough to create four connected dots.

Instead, you must watch your opponent approach four points at a time. We have to think strategically in this situation. Once you've mastered the game, you can easily predict where your opponent's point will go next. Well, blocking your opponent's moves is another great connect 4Parties.

#4. no hurry

Be careful not to be rushed by your opponent. It's okay to plan your move early. The danger of rushing is that you miss out on a good strategic move or game-changing opportunity for your opponent.

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Before placing your piece, scan the entire board. This is because once you make a decision, there is no going back.

How to turn off the sound and music in four in a row

And youwin connect 4combined, you may prefer to listen to your own music rather than the upbeat background music. This means that you need to know where the music and sound buttons are in the game so that you can control them accordingly.

  1. You can do this by touchinggearin the lower right corner of the match four game screen.
  2. To turn off Line 4 music, tapMusicKnopf.
  3. then touchklangbutton to turn off the game sound effects as well.
  4. The customization options just above the sound and music options allow you to customize every aspect of your character's appearance, such as: B. Hairstyles, facial expressions, etc.

From the author's desk | How to win Connect 4

So this is how to play four in a row (connect 4) in iMessage and win. We hope that the method we discussed earlier in this guide will connect 4Matches. However, for more information, comment below and let us know.


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How do you play Imessage game 4 in a row? ›

Play Connect 4 in iMessages
  1. Lets Enable Emoji - Click Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Keyboard.
  4. Click on Keyboards.
  5. Click on Add New Keyboard.
  6. Scroll until you come across Emoji then select it.
  7. You should have a check mark.
  8. Open Messages.

How do you play the game four in a row? ›

The four in a row rules are very simple. It's always played with 2 players and in a 7x6 grid. Each turn each player puts a piece of his color inside a column and it will fall until it reaches the lowest available spot. The one who can put 4 pieces of the same color in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins.

How do cheat codes work? ›

Cheat codes are usually activated by typing secret passwords or pressing controller buttons in a certain sequence. Less common activation methods include entering certain high score names, holding keys or buttons while dying, picking up items in a particular order and otherwise performing unintuitive actions.

What numbers come out the most in Win 4? ›

Among Win 4, they are 1111, 2222 and 3333.

How do you play four in a roll? ›

Connect 4 pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the match. You can play against the computer, a friend, or challenge players online. Take turns dropping chips into the columns in order to get four in a row. To drop a chip, click on a column on the board or click and drag your chip into a column.

How do you trap someone in four in a row? ›

A 'trap' in Connect Four is when you create two potential four-in-a-rows that you can complete within the next few moves. Your opponent cannot block them both, meaning they have to leave one open and – surprise, surprise – you win. The easiest way to do this is by utilising the middle column.

What is the 4 in a row game called? ›

Four in a Row, more commonly known as Hasbro MB Games 'Connect 4' or Captain's Mistress is a ubiquitous but straightforward strategy game in which counters are dropped down vertical shoots with the objective of getting four counters in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

How do you win all fours? ›

The title refers to the possibility of winning all four game points for High, Low, Jack and Game for holding (later winning) the highest and lowest trump in play and the Jack of trumps and for winning the greatest number of card points.

Is Connect 4 solvable? ›

Yes, Connect 4 is a solved game. That means that there is a specific strategy that a player can use to win a round of Connect 4 each and every time. However, the player has to play a 'perfect game' in order to win using that particular strategy.

What is the best first move for Connect 4? ›

Control the center: Try to place your first disc in the center column, as this will give you more options for future moves and make it more difficult for your opponent to get four in a row.

What is the goal of four in a row? ›

In 4 In a Row, your goal is to get four of your pieces to line up in a row before the other player does. You choose a game piece color. You'll have several pieces so you're able to fill in the board. The board is arranged with empty spaces.

How do you play all 4? ›

In the basic two-player game, each player is dealt six cards, three at a time from a 52-card deck. The top card of the remaining pack is then turned faceup as a prospective trump suit. If it is a jack, the dealer scores one point. The aim is to win as many as possible of the four scoring points listed above.

Do cheat codes exist? ›

Cheat codes were often used on old-school games to get ahead, but some modern games also support cheats. Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair.

What is the most famous cheat code? ›

#1: The Konami Code

This is hands down the most famous of all cheat codes. Perhaps because it is has appeared in more than 100 games made by Konami, unlocking a different feature in each one of them. It was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto who was developing the video game Gradius back in 1985.

What are master codes? ›

A master code is a barcode which is programmed into a scanner as a reference code for comparison with scanned codes.

What is the most luckiest number ever? ›

Seven was the most popular choice for both men and women. The survey revealed some other findings, too.

What is the most popular luckiest number? ›

The number seven is usually the overwhelming favorite. Why is that? In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number.

How do you pick winning numbers? ›

  1. 5 Ways To Choose Lottery Numbers. Every person who plays the lottery has a system for picking their numbers. ...
  2. Quick Pick. Perhaps the most popular method is the easiest: let the ticket generator randomly select a set of numbers for you. ...
  3. Research the Trends. ...
  4. Use Your “Lucky” Numbers. ...
  5. Try Numerology. ...
  6. Use the Delta System.
Nov 20, 2022

How do you challenge a +4? ›

Challenge Draw 4:

If you think the player who played a Draw 4 on you has a card of the matching color, you can challenge this player. If you are right, this player must draw 4 cards instead of you. Otherwise, you'll draw 4 cards PLUS 2 extra cards!

How do you play Connect 4 on text? ›

To play the game via text, all you need is to create a "board" using white circle emojis, paste it into a text message and replace one of the white circles with your chosen "chip" color — either the black, blue or red circle emoji. From there, it's game on!

What is the oldest board game? ›

The Royal Game of Ur

Wood and shell, found in the Royal Cemetery of Ur, south Iraq, 2600–2400 BC. The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest playable boardgame in the world, originating around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The game's rules were written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 BC.

Can all fours run faster? ›

If you look at all the world's fastest animals, for example, they're all quadrupeds. Plain and simple, running on four legs is a heck of a lot faster than doing it on two.

How do you win 4 colors? ›

Face up to three computer opponents. Match cards by colour or number or play an action card to mix up the game. Be the first to get rid of all the cards and win the game. Don't forget to press the 1 button when you only have one card left!

How do you play Wappie? ›

Wappy app
  1. Step 1: Open work order. When you open a work order, an info page will immediately appear. ...
  2. Step 2: Start the hour registration. ...
  3. Step 3: add used material. ...
  4. Step 4: remarks and pictures. ...
  5. Step 5: sign and send.

Can you get 5 in a row in Connect 4? ›

There are three ways to get four checkers in a row in Connect Four: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Some versions of Connect Four have an additional game where you attach an extra column to the grid and attempt to get five checkers in row.

How do you beat Connect 4 on Iphone? ›

Win the game by getting 4 or more of your color checkers either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

How many Connect 4 combinations are there? ›

The number of possible Connect-Four game situations after n plies (n turns) is tabulated at OEISA212693. The total is 4531985219092.

Is Connect 4 luck or skill? ›

Connect Four is a widely-known board game in which the ultimate goal is beat the opponent by being the first to first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one's own disc. As with all games, players typically need elements of both skill and luck.

Is Connect 4 good for your brain? ›

Exercise your brain during this time through this great activity as your child will build skills such as problem solving and basic math. Connect 4 has proven benefits to increase math skills by encouraging players to plan ahead, and provides opportunity to detect patterns.

Can you win 4 in a row diagonal? ›

The four in a row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. See Figures 2, 3 and 4. If you're the first player to get four of your checkers in a row, you win the game!

When you draw 4 Can you still play? ›

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Here's the correct way to play the game: If someone places down a UNO Draw 4 card, you must draw four and your turn gets skipped. However, once the player is skipped, the next person can stack a Draw 4 or Draw 2 UNO card on it.

Does All 4 have catch up? ›

All 4 offers a wide selection of programmes recently broadcast on Channel 4, E4 and More4, all freely available to watch on demand. We also offer a free and extensive library of both classic shows and more recent programmes, including complete box sets of some of our most popular series.

Do you pay for All 4? ›

All 4+ is a new feature from All 4, Channel 4's video on demand service, which allows you to watch TV shows without ads*. Sign up for a free 14 day trial; after that it's just £3.99 a month and you can cancel at any time. *Some programmes feature commercial messages and/or promotional trails for other programmes.

What are the 4 X's in a 4X game? ›

The term "4X" originates from a 1993 preview of Master of Orion in Computer Gaming World by game writer Alan Emrich where he rated the game "XXXX" as a pun on the XXX rating for pornography. The four Xs were an abbreviation for "EXplore, EXpand, EXploit and EXterminate".

How do you play Connect 4 in text? ›

To play the game via text, all you need is to create a "board" using white circle emojis, paste it into a text message and replace one of the white circles with your chosen "chip" color — either the black, blue or red circle emoji. From there, it's game on!

What iMessage games can you play with 4 people? ›

Magnificent iMessage Games
  • Words for iMessage Game. Games. ...
  • Tic Tac Toe game for iMessage! Duel & play with your friends. ...
  • Pictoword: Fun Word Quiz Games. Top Offline Picture Guess 2022. ...
  • Draw One for iMessage. Doodle and guess. ...
  • 8 Ball Pool™ Online Pool Multiplayer Games. ...
  • GamePigeon. ...
  • Cobi Hoops. ...
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

How do you play a group game on iMessage? ›

How to play iMessage games on your iPhone
  1. Open the App Store extension. ...
  2. There are several games to choose from. ...
  3. All the games are free to download. ...
  4. Your games will be grouped together with the other third-party iMessage apps. ...
  5. Once a game has been delivered, you'll have to tap on it to begin playing.
Jan 21, 2020

How many rows are in Connect 4? ›

Connect-Four is a tic-tac-toe-like two-player game in which players alternately place pieces on a vertical board 7 columns across and 6 rows high.

Is there a trick to Connect 4? ›

Put your checker in the center column if you're first.

Your Connect 4 board has 7 columns, which means there's one exactly in the center. Because a checker in the center column allows you to make a Connect 4 in all possible directions, this is the best possible first move.

Does GamePigeon have 4 player games? ›

It allows for two to four players at a time and it's fast paced when everyone is playing.

Is GamePigeon $4.99 a month? ›

While GamePigeon is free to use, it does come with in-app purchases. GamePigeon+ is an enhanced version of the app priced at $4.99. The premium version includes avatar accessories, different game modes (available for free for opponents), and an ad-free experience.

What's the easiest iMessage game? ›

  1. Tic Tac Toe. The best iMessage games are the ones that you can play with utmost ease and that too without sacrificing the competitive aspect. ...
  2. 8 Ball Pool. ...
  3. Pictoword. ...
  4. Game Pigeon – Unlock a Variety of iMessage Games. ...
  5. Mr. ...
  6. Yahtzee with Buddies Dic‪e. ...
  7. Simple Trivia. ...
  8. Let's Puck It!
May 21, 2022


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