How to play 4 in a row - fun math games (2023)

Have you ever played 4 times in a row? This is one of the most classic two-player puzzle games that really makes you think. It is also called "Connect Four".Tic Tac Toeon a whole other level!

Want to know how to play?

Whether you're playing against a friend or against a tough virtual opponent, we've got you covered. From principles and goals to tips and tricks, read on to find out what you need to know.

4 strategies in a row

In a match-4 game, your goal is to get four of your pieces before the other player does.

You choose the color of the chip. You have many pieces, so you can fill the board. The board has blank spaces. You and your opponent take turns placing your pieces on these squares to connect four of your own pieces in a row.

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Once a pawn has been placed, you cannot move it. You win if you make a row of four, but if no one gets a row of four, the game ends in a draw.

Think a few steps ahead

While playing, you can not only think about the current movement. You have to anticipate what the other player will do and how you will react. This means that you should try to see all possible results. It's calledstrategic thinking. With the 4 in a row strategy, it is important to think ahead and anticipate how your opponent will react.

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Try to navigate the patterns as shown above. Consider setting up multiple ways to win to confuse your opponent. When you play reaction, you give the other player an advantage and allow them to take control of the field.

Block your opponent's moves

This is one of the most important 4 strategies in a row. It's tempting to just move to get four connection points, but if you're not careful, the other player will sneak up on you.

Instead, make sure your opponent doesn't get close to four points in a row. This is where strategic thinking comes in. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to see where your opponent will place the next point. Go ahead of them!

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Do not forget about the diagonals

4 in a row is not just up and down movements. You can also use diagonals (they still count). If you feel stuck in horizontal and vertical movements, see if there is anythingavailable diagonally.

This is another area where you need to pay attention to your opponent's movements. If you're not thinking diagonally, maybe you are.

Do not rush

Don't let your opponent rush you. You can take the time to plan your move. If you are in a hurry, you may miss a good strategic move or a point where your opponent wins.

Scan the entire board before placing the parts. Remember: you can't undo it.

Try your 4 strategies in a row

4 in a row may look easy, but there is strategy behind this game! After a few games you will know what to look for and how to gain an advantage.Play 4 times in a rowPlay today or check out our other games for hours of fun.

Have fun!

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