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Giving teachers the freedom to choose from the widest range of learning tools

Don't get stuck with one-size-fits-all content. When you choose MAP® Growth™, you have the freedom to choose the supplemental resources that best meet your students' needs, including some of the most popular educational resources you may already be using.

When you share MAP growth data with one of the 30+ providers below, you'll help save valuable classroom time by reducing assessments and valuable teacher time, and facilitating differentiated learning.

How it works

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Contact your training resource provider to learn how to obtain MAP growth data. If the provider can receive data from MAP Growth automatically, here are theSteps to share data.

Want a math resource from the creators of MAP Growth?

Discover the MAP accelerator

NWEA® has partnered with Khan Academy® to develop the MAP Accelerator™ to help teachers realize learning gains for all students. This powerful tool links MAP Growth curriculum outcomes to personalized learning paths so students have practice tailored to their needs, whether at, above, or below grade level.

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educational connections

educational connections (3)

Notes: 6-12
Subjects: math, reading

Apex Learning Tutorials are web-based digital curriculum tools that provide educators with a flexible option to provide instruction enriched with support, scaffolding, and corrections.

  • With tutorials, students quickly fill learning gaps
  • Students develop their skills through standards-based instruction

educational connections (4)

Notes: 2-12
Topics: reading

Achieve3000® solutions deliver engaging non-fiction books that support core curriculum, literacy in content areas, intervention responses, English learners, special education, and other instructional models.

  • Teachers assign lessons, review lesson recommendations, and assess skill progression
  • Combines Lexile® levels and RIT scores

educational connections (5)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: mathematics

ClassHero offers blended learning, online support focused on daily progress areas, real-time monitoring, and differentiation.

  • Personalized daily math practice
  • Daily Learning Goals

educational connections (6)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: reading, language use, mathematics

Classworks is an intensive online special education and intervention program that includes individualized academic interventions, progress monitoring, social and emotional learning resources, and powerful data reports and dashboards.

  • Automatically provides individualized reading and math interventions in an evidence-based learning progression based on each student's MAP growth scores
  • Progress tracking, informed by MAP growth scores, provides a clear picture of skill maintenance with automatic improvement rate charts, and customizes each student's learning path with instructions based on weekly results.

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educational connections (7)

Serie: K-12
Subjects: math, reading

Curriculum Works' unique platform for planning educational resources includes over 700,000 lessons and 1,000 sample lesson plans, along with easy pattern assignment, pattern tracking, and extensive mapping capabilities.

  • Individualizes instruction based on MAP growth assessment results
  • Provides access to instructional resources directly related to student MAP scores

educational connections (8)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: mathematics

DreamBox Learning Math™ is the only K-8 student-centric digital math program designed by and for educators and independently proven to have a positive impact on student achievement.

  • Differentiated homework for individual students
  • Provides real-time data to see where students are located

educational connections (9)

Serie: K-12
Subjects: math, reading, tracking progress

Edmentum's programs are expressly designed to help K-12 students master content established in the Common Core and State Standards and improve performance in key skill areas.

  • Adjusts lessons based on student performance and provides just-in-time correction and acceleration
  • Offers built-in incentives, allowances, printable lesson plans, and comparison features

educational connections (10)

Grades 2-11 (Math), Grades 2-12 (Reading)

Subjects: math, reading

  • Use rating results to drive targeted support
  • Engage students based on individual needs.

educational connections (11)

Notes: K-5
Subjects: math, reading

eSpark is an adaptable online program that provides math and reading classes for students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5.

  • Places students on learning paths based on their RIT scores in the classroom

educational connections (12)

Serie: K-12
Subjects: math, reading

FEV Tutor provides engaging, data-driven and personalized 1:1 online tutoring services for every student.

  • Provides targeted live 1:1 instructions
  • Provides tutoring focused on identified learning paths

educational connections (13)

Notes: 3-11
Subject: mathematics

Get More Math® offers cumulative practice sessions specifically tailored to each student's needs, supporting mastery of new skills and long-term retention.

  • Create math practice sessions for each student that include new material and a spiral review of old concepts.
  • MAP growth data allows teachers to select practice levels, scaffolding, or enrichment concepts to maximize student growth

educational connections (14)

Notes: K-6
Topics: reading, language use

Through a systematic approach to vocabulary, grammar and language conventions, Imagine Language & Literacy explicitly teaches students the skills critical to reading comprehension and fluency, allowing them to unlock learning across the board.

  • It focuses on small interventions.
  • Teaches important skills for reading comprehension and fluency.

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educational connections (15)

Serie: K-12
Subjects: Mathematics, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry

Imagine Math is a suite of research-based, customizable online math solutions for students. Through unique, age-appropriate learning environments and an adaptable, standards-aligned training and benchmarking system, Imagine Math students are always presented with just the “right” amount of challenge to keep them in their personal development zone. for the grade level.

  • Leads students to class-level knowledge
  • Provides specialized learning paths for students targeting MAP Growth RIT results in Grades 2 and up

educational connections (16)

Serie: K-12
Subjects: math, reading

Provide a path to class-level success for all middle and high school students with a personalized, customizable reading and math program.

  • Matches students at their learning level with age-appropriate instruction covering grades 3-11+
  • Matches skills and concepts to the student's RIT total score

educational connections (17)

Notes: K-6
Subjects: math, reading

Targeted intervention can help educators identify specific learning gaps and provide a targeted, data-driven instructional path that helps students catch up, stay current, or advance in math and ELA.

  • Automatically generate personalized learning paths and acceleration plans for students
  • Provides age-appropriate instruction that progresses as students complete each objective

educational connections (18)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Use of Language 2-8

IXL is a comprehensive curriculum and personalized learning provider that supports exam planning and preparation, provides personalized guidance, and provides actionable data for real-time insights.

  • Supports skill matching against recommended IXL proficiency for each student
  • Personalized lessons for students with printable skill plans

educational connections (19)

Notes: 3–8
Subjects: mathematics

To help teachers realize learning gains for all students, NWEA has partnered with Khan Academy® to develop the MAP Accelerator. This powerful online tool links MAP growth scores to personalized learning paths so students receive support tailored to their needs, whether they are at grade level, above, or below.

  • Automatically differentiates math lessons with personalized learning paths for each student based on their MAP growth scores
  • Assign formative assessment tasks to better understand your class and students before and after class

educational connections (20)

Notes: K-5
Topics: reading

Raz-Plus makes blended learning easier and more accessible, with thousands of distinctive reading resources that strengthen the connection between what's taught and what students practice themselves.

  • Raz-plus correlations locate specific features based on students' RIT scores
  • Provides correlations for each RIT level/band
  • The Raz Plus offers aComprehensive collection of resources including level books, lesson plans and teaching materials ideal for whole class, small groups and individual reading.Instruction

educational connections (21)

Notes: K-5
Topics: reading

Lexia Core5® Reading is an adaptive blended learning program that accelerates literacy development for students of all abilities, helping them make this crucial shift from learning to reading to reading to learning.

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educational connections (22)

Notes: 6-12
Topics: reading

Lexia PowerUp Literacy® accelerates literacy for students in grades 6 through 12 who are at risk of failing to meet college and professional maturity standards.

educational connections (23)

Notes: 3-8
Subjects: mathematics

Mathletics provides engaging, meaningful, and personal learning experiences through lifelong learning.

  • Teachers can use RIT results to connect to NWEA-mapped lesson resources in Mathletics
  • It encourages student growth through understanding, practice and fluency.

educational connections (24)

Notes: K-3
Subjects: mathematics

Mathseeds teaches students essential math and problem-solving skills with structured lessons and motivating elements to keep engagement high.

  • Provides core lessons aligned with RIT results
  • Teachers can use the placement table provided to customize student instruction

educational connections (25)

Serie: K-12

Subjects: mathematics

McGraw Hill's Reveal Math curriculum uses MAP growth scores to help students prepare for class-level content.

  • It includes two new reports to inform the classroom group and, unique to this partnership, personalized content recommendations to reinforce the prior knowledge required before beginning a unit.

educational connections (26)

Notes: 2-12
Subjects: math, reading, SEL

Mindprint Learning is the global leader in formative cognitive assessment.

  • Identifies learning gaps of individual students and provides teachers with resources to help them scale
  • Provides student learning plans based on combined MAP growth data and cognitive mindprint data

educational connections (27)

Grades: Math K-8, Use of Language 2-8
Subjects: mathematics, language use

MobyMax partners with MAP Growth to help teachers identify learning gaps and competency needs for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade in math and language use.

  • Assign lessons based on skill gaps
  • Use reports to individualize student learning

educational connections (28)

Notes: 3-12
Topics: reading

Newsela, an educational content platform, provides educators with differentiated instruction that focuses on students' individual reading levels.

  • Automatically sets the Lexile measure of student reading levels (Fair Reading Levels) based on RIT MAP growth scores

educational connections (29)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: math, reading

Liftoff provides interventions for struggling students that use MAP Growth to place students on personalized learning paths that build confidence and provide the support and guidance they need to improve.

  • Designed for at-risk and struggling students
  • Students work at their assigned level and achieve class-level proficiency.

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educational connections (30)

Notes: K-6
Topics: reading

Edmentum's speed-reading solution, which aligns lessons with RIT scores and placement charts, helps target lessons to student growth.

  • Uses RIT to report tasks
  • Provides reasonable placement in foundational reading classes

educational connections (31)

Notes: 2-8
Subjects: mathematics

ST Math is a pre-K-8 visual instructional program that uses the brain's innate spatiotemporal ability to solve math problems. ST Math's unique and proprietary approach gives students equal access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and formative feedback.

  • ST Math uses MAP growth data to automatically assign intervention content to the students who need it most
  • Data-driven instruction based on assessment results guides students through grade level content and enables them to progress successfully
  • Teachers take the guesswork out of assigning intervention content to the students who need it most

educational connections (32)

Notes: 3-12
Topics: reading, language use

ThinkCERCA uses a scaffolding-based approach to literacy that helps students develop their critical thinking skills. ThinkCERCA's expertly designed lessons guide students through the process of analyzing content-rich multimedia texts to build coherent argumentative, informative, or narrative writing.

  • Teachers can select lessons based on results in the MAP Teaching Growth Area

educational connections (33)

Serie: K-8
Subjects: mathematics

Wowzers is a math learning solution that offers assessments, custom curriculum and more to keep students engaged.

  • Provides personalized instruction based on RIT results
  • Determines performance metrics based on each Common Core-aligned pattern

data partner

educational connections (34)

  • data warehouse
  • Dashboard helps to analyze and adjust data
  • recommended actions

educational connections (35)

  • Analyze data for all students
  • Take action for students working in the classroom or at home
  • Assign teacher-created lessons based on MAP growth data
  • Actionable insights at the classroom level

educational connections (36)

It enables elementary and secondary schools to improve student outcomes by collecting, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing data.

educational connections (37)

  • Optimize student learning
  • Simple information for student growth
  • Save teachers time

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