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You are considering leasing a car for more than a year
Don't want to commit to owning a car?

With one monthly lump sum payment, you can enjoy a long-lasting and comfortable daily commute in Singapore.
Gone are the days of worrying about paying a large down payment, paying maintenance fees, or even losing the value of your vehicle after years of use.
Easily search our long-term rental fleet with a selection of sedans, SUVs, minivans, luxury and utility vehicles.
and you will receive the simplest long-term car rental solutions that will certainly exceed the tenant's expectations.

In addition to providing full technical service and other administrative work and providing replacement vehicles as part of service or post-accident repairs,
Rest assured that you are in good hands as we take care of all your long term rental needs.
In addition, BizLink Rent-A-Car offers one of the most competitive long-term car rental packages on the market!

Find out more about our long term rental packages today!

Long-term car rental in three simple steps:

Best Long Term Car Rental Singapore | BizLink (1)


With a fixed monthly payment, you will enjoy a number of benefits similar to owning a car!

Best Long Term Car Rental Singapore | BizLink (2)

Wide range of vehicles to choose from

With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, we can be sure to meet your long-term rental needs.

Best Long Term Car Rental Singapore | BizLink (3)

A car tailored to your needs

Not sure which vehicle suits you best? Speak to our friendly sales reps and they will recommend you a vehicle.

are you ready to ride?

Ask about our long-term car rental plan now.


What eligibility criteria and licenses are required to rent a car from BizLink Rent-A-Car?

  • You must be between the ages of 23 and 65 and have at least two (2) years of driving experience.
  • Singapore: Renter(s) and any additional drivers must present the original Singapore NRIC and original Singapore driver's license when picking up the vehicle.
  • Foreign nationals and all other drivers less than 12 months must present the original passport or other driving license and the original valid driving license or international driving licence. e) (IDP) issued by an authorized body in your country of origin.
  • Foreign nationals staying here for more than 12 months are required to exchange their foreign driving license/International Driving Permit (IDP) for a Singapore driving licence.
  • Drivers from ASEAN member countries need a valid driver's license issued by a competent authority to drive in Singapore.
  • Only authorized drivers are allowed to drive the rented vehicle.

Can I add an additional driver?

It goes without saying that a maximum of 2 qualified drivers can be registered for each rental. Eligibility criteria for drivers are between 23 and 65 years of age and possession of a valid driving license with more than 2 years of driving experience.

How far in advance should I book a long-term car rental?

To ensure that the car make/model you want is available for hire, it is recommended that you book your rental car at least one week in advance.

What is the price range for a long-term monthly car rental with BizLink Rent-A-Car?

Typically, monthly rental prices for long-term car hire vary depending on the length of the contract, the make/model of the car and the age of the car. Monthly rental rates typically start at SS 1,350.00 (subject to GST).

What is the price range of a yearly long term car rental in Singapore?

Price range for long-term car rental (>1 month) is from SGD 42.00 to SGD 50.00 per day (incl. VAT).

Do I have a guarantee of the make and model of the vehicle after confirming the rental?

You can request the car make/model of your choice when booking your rental. However, the warranty is still subject to availability and at the discretion of BizLink Rent-A-Car.

Can I pay someone else to rent a car?

NO. It is important that the tenant comes in person to view and pick up the car, sign the rental documents and make the necessary payments.

Can I check prices without booking?

Yes, you can view our rental price table and rental fleet here to get a general overview of the types of vehicles we offer and their corresponding rental prices. You can also call our sales office on 62856616 or send us an

How can I pay the rent?

You can pay your rent via PayNow or bank transfer. The deposit can be paid by cash, EC card or credit card. However, the full rental fee and deposit are required at the time of booking and at the start of the rental.

What is the deposit and fee for each rental?

The amount of the deposit depends on the engine capacity and vehicle category.

type of rental agreementpayment amount
Short-term car rental (daily and weekly rental)~S$300.00 (under 1.6 cc) duck

SGD 500.00 (above 1.6cc)

Long-term car rental (monthly and annual rental)The amount of the deposit corresponds to the amount of the monthly rent.

The deposit is usually refunded within 7 working days after returning the vehicle. The full amount of the deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is returned without any other damage, if the vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel, no outstanding bills and no traffic violations.

What happens if I return the vehicle later than the rental period?

Vehicles returned later than scheduled will be charged according to the extra rental days.

Can I extend the rental period?

This can be agreed in conversation with our sales staff. However, the granting of rental extensions is at the sole discretion of BizLink Rent-A-Car. After approving the extension of the lease, the Lessee is obliged to make the required payment before the commencement of the extension.

How do buyers pick up the car?

For all daily and weekly rentals, pick-up and return of your rental car must be arranged at our office address during business hours (9:00 - 17:00).

We are located at 18 Ubi Road 4. #01-11, Ubi Car Mall, Singapore 408616.

Delivery and collection services can also be arranged during our business hours for an additional fee of SGD 20.00 per trip. This service is also subject to availability at the time of application.

Can I go to another country?

Yes, you can go to West Malaysia for a small fee.

For use in Malaysia

Rental prices are calculated on:

type of rental agreementRent
Short-term car rental (daily and weekly rental)~ SGD 30.00 per day to SGD 50.00 per day (excluding VAT).
Long-term car rental (monthly rental)~ SGD 100.00 per month to SGD 200.00 per month (excluding GST).

Do I have to return the car with a full tank?

At BizLink Rent-A-Car, we require our customers to return our cars with a full tank of fuel as we operate a full/full tank policy. Otherwise, an administration fee will be charged in addition to the fuel surcharge. For more information on fuel and the fuel policy for our rental cars, go to"Prices of various types of fuel for rent a car in Singapore"for a more thorough reading.

Do I need to buy my own EC card for the car?

Yes, the purchase of a debit card is the responsibility of the tenant. Purchase with an EC card is possible in our office for a fee and subject to availability.

Do I need to buy car insurance?

All vehicles are fully insured with BizLink Rent-A-Car. However, there is still a deductible/deductible for damage to the vehicle caused by the tenant's negligence or in the event of an accident which is wholly or partly the fault of the tenant.

Can I change the vehicle when renting a long-term car?

It is possible to change the vehicle during the rental period. However, it depends on car availability. Please contact our sales representatives if you need to change your vehicle and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Is there a policy for early cancellation of a long term car rental?

Once the terms of the car rental have been agreed and the rental contract signed, early termination is no longer allowed. In the event of early termination, the Tenant will remain responsible for paying all applicable Fees and other amounts due, including any rent amounts for the remaining unused period up to the Expiry Date, which are due immediately in the event of early termination.

Can I request additional extras?

We offer additional options such as GPS, child seats, phone holder, sun visor, etc. If you need additional options, please contact our sales representatives. We will do our best to fulfill them.

AccessoriesPrices/per day (incl. VAT)

You can ask for a GPS when picking up the car.

child seatSGD 10.00/pc
Phone holder (compatible with all types of phones)10,00 S$ – 20,00 S$

Additional costs

Other fees that may apply include portable GPS rental, child seats, and delivery and collection services. All other charges are subject to GST.

Are long-term renters required to carry out regular maintenance on the rental vehicle themselves?

We ensure that the monthly rental price includes routine maintenance of the car and the replacement of car parts that have worn out. You can also arrange to pick up and return your vehicle if it needs to be sent to a workshop for repair/maintenance.

However, please understand that a reasonable charge will be made for cleaning the interior of the vehicle upon return if the vehicle has stains, dirt, odor or wear and tear. An additional fee also applies if the car is contaminated with smoke or e-cigarette fumes.

Does BizLink Rent-A-Car offer electric vehicle rental?

We currently also have electric cars for rent. For more information, see our article on"Will car rental companies use electric vehicles?".

What should I do in case of an accident?

In the event of an accident, it is essential that the tenant obtains details and information about all other parties involved. The police must also be alerted in the event of injury or damage to public property.

Who do I contact for roadside assistance?

The telephone number for 24 hour roadside assistance is 9012 6616. For your convenience, renters may also find this contact number on a sticker on the windshield of our vehicles.

Do I need to check the vehicle before driving?

Both BizLink Rent-A-Car and the renter will inspect the vehicle upon delivery and return. Once signed and approved, the vehicle is considered to be handed over in the agreed condition.

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