Academic Milestones for 5-Year-Olds: What to Expect and How to Help Your Child Succeed (2023)

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If you're a parent wondering what a 5-year-old should know academically, you're not alone. One of the difficulties with homeschooling is assessing your child's academic progress and knowing what to focus on. WhileKindergarten is considered mandatory in only 19 states, there are definitely some important developmental and learning skills to teach your child from an early age.

Of course, every child develops at a different pace, so there's no universal answer to this question. Let's take a look at milestones you'd like to reach and everything your 5-year-old needs to know academically.

what we cover

  • Essential Skills to Promote to the Five
  • What math skills should a 5 year old have?
  • What language skills should a 5 year old have?
  • Writing Skills Your 5 Year Old Should Have

A note before we start

As parents, looking out for our child's well-being and whether or not he is age-appropriate is pretty much our full-time job. My personal advice is not to make comparisons. Easier said than done, I know.

Look, I'm sure your neighbor's preschool is an idea that will solve all the world's problems before puberty. But that doesn't mean your child has to compete with him.

There really is a spectrum when it comes to "normal" learning and development, so don't worry if your child hasn't mastered ALL the skills for their age group yet.

Like everything else in life, stress is counterproductive and detrimental to the learning environment. So try to be patient and work with your child to get better, not to dominate overnight.

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Essential Skills to Promote to the Five

First, let's cover the basics.

In addition to parent-to-parent disclaimers and encouragement, one of the most important skills you can develop with your 5-year-old is to foster his sense of independence. Not only does this help you in your role as chaos coordinator, it also builds your child's confidence and social maturity.

Whilesocial maturityIt's not necessarily an academic skill, it certainly has a profound impact on your child's ability to thrive academically. It is difficult to teach a child that he cannot sit still or control his emotions effectively.

There are so many things you can do to work on your child's skills in this area, including activities that focus on problem solving and collaboration, which can be major stressors in kindergarten life.

Also, focus on developing their attention and setting them up for success when it comes to following multi-step instructions.

And finally, a 5-year-old should be able to remember his address and phone number, which is not only great for safety reasons, but also opens the door to memory-based learning later on.

Academic Milestones for 5-Year-Olds: What to Expect and How to Help Your Child Succeed (1)

What math skills should a 5 year old have?

  • count to at least 10
  • Add and subtract up to 5
  • simple patterns
  • comparisons
  • time until the next hour
  • Days of the week and months of the year

So what about math?

Let's start counting. How tall should a 5 year old be able to count? There is some disagreement about this, but your child should be able to count to at least 10 and recognize these numbers when they are written. Some 5-year-olds can count to 20 or even 30.

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A 5 year old should know how to solve basic addition and subtraction problems within 5 years using objects or manipulatives. Do we likethis abacusfor helping our kids visualize math problems.

But you can use everyday objects to bring math to life and pique your child's interest. Suppose you line up 3 Hotwheels cars and add 2 more. Ask your child, "You had 3 cars and I added 2 more. How many cars do you have now?" They should be able to answer this question easily.

It is also important for your child to understand that the number 10 is a base number made up of smaller numbers. This is a building block that will be a huge help as your child starts to tackle more complex math problems in the years to come.

Other important math concepts your 5-year-old should know are simple patterns, grouping and ordering, measuring, the idea of ​​"greater than" and "less than," and identifying 2D shapes.

Finally, a 5 year old should know the days of the week and the months of the year and the basics of time down to the nearest hour.

What language skills should a 5 year old have?

  • coherent conversations
  • Pronoun
  • Verb tenses
  • phonological awareness
  • alphabet letters and sounds
  • some visual words
  • Understanding

By age 5, most children have language skills that allow them to interact well with adults in (mostly) coherent conversations. You must be able to speak clearly enough for others to understand what you are saying.90% of the time.

However, your child is still working on solving pronunciation and grammar problems.Keep your diary handyto write the jokes while improving their language skills.

Although their vocabulary is still relatively limited, most 5-year-olds can put ideas together using complex sentences to express their feelings, resolve conflicts and start conversations.

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A 5-year-old should know and use proper pronouns like I, she, he, she and they, and the correct tense when talking about all things past, present and future.

One of the big milestones to focus on right now isphonological awareness. Phonemic awareness is the understanding that words are made up of different sounds and syllables and is really the foundation of early literacy.

Of course, your preschooler should know the letters of the alphabet and what sounds each letter makes as he begins to identify those sounds in words. Focus on identifying beginning and ending sounds in a word and words that sound similar, like words that rhyme.

Now is also a good time to start teaching your child sight words, aiming to master at least 10 sight words by the end of the year.

After all, a 5 year old should be able to do it.listen carefully to a storyand retell the main aspects of the story, with some suggestions if necessary. Reading comprehension should increase at this age as children can delve deeper into the narrative and extract more details from the story.

What writing skills should a 5 year old have?

  • correct pencil grip
  • Form uppercase and lowercase letters
  • leave a space for the finger
  • Write the numbers from 0 to 9
  • trace shapes

Ah, caveman awaits. Okay, technically it's called a palm print, but I'm sure our ancestors would smile when their child scribbles on their paper and says, "That's how we did it back in the day, son."

At age 5, now is the time to break your child out of his primitive behaviors and teach him to hold a pen properly. I lovehassle free videohow to get your child to have the right grip that really makes a world of difference in letter formation and handwriting.

While we are not striving for perfection and your handwriting is generally quite enthusiastic, to say the least, your child should be able to form capital letters and gradually progress to lowercase by the end of the year.

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However, it's important to keep your expectations in check. They don't always stay within the small lines of the paper and some of their letters may be backwards, especially bs and ds. He is well. Practice is key and your child will continue to develop stronger hand muscles throughout the year.

i love thosechildren's magazineswho have an extra large line to help children who are starting in the world of writing. And there's a place where you can draw a picture, so how fun.

Although your child is new to writing, he should have a basic understanding that words are made up of individual letters and, as such, should space his fingers between groups of letters when bringing his pencil to paper.

Finally, if you look at what a 5-year-old should know academically, your child should know how to write the numbers 0-9. They should also be able to draw 2D shapes and other designs that will help them develop their pen skills. .

Academic Milestones for 5-Year-Olds: What to Expect and How to Help Your Child Succeed (2)

Final thoughts on what a 5-year-old should know academically

Furious! In short, this is what your child should know. I hope this post has been helpful in answering the question "What should a 5 year old know academically?". Keep in mind that not every 5-year-old will hit each of these marks.

And that's okay.

Remember that children learn at different rates and everyone has their own strengths and difficulties. Don't be discouraged or disappointed if your child is struggling in an area you think he should master by now.

Learning is a journey, not a destination. You can help them get there; Just be patient, consistent, and most importantly, loving in your teaching. you have it!


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What should a 5 year old be doing academically? ›

Cognitive Milestones (learning, thinking, problem-solving)
  • Counts to 10. ...
  • Names some numbers between 1 and 5 when you point to them. ...
  • Uses words about time, like “yesterday,” “tomorrow,” “morning,” or “night” ...
  • Pays attention for 5 to 10 minutes during activities. ...
  • Writes some letters in her name.

What academic skills should a kindergartener have? ›

Recognize and write the letters of the alphabet in upper- and lowercase forms (get letter-writing practice). Know the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. Recognize sight words such as the and show interest in reading or trying to read simple sentences.

What is the cognitive development checklist for 5 years old? ›

Thinking and reasoning (cognitive development)

Can count 10 or more objects. Know the names of at least 4 colours. Understand the basic concepts of time. Know what household objects are used for, such as money, food, or appliances.

What math should a 5 year old be doing? ›

Your child will be taught to count forwards and backwards to 100, add and subtract numbers to 20, and be introduced to the idea of multiplying and dividing. They will be encouraged to use objects to help them solve simple problems in a practical way.

How do I motivate my 5 year old to study? ›

Praise the process rather than the outcome.

When we praise children for their effort and help them see falling short as an opportunity to learn and improve (rather than simply focus on the outcome), they will be more motivated to work hard and more likely to believe that they can achieve what they put their mind to.

What factors contributed to the academic success of the child? ›

Socioeconomic status, parenting, and mental and physical health all contribute to academic success.

How do you help a child who is struggling academically? ›

What to do when your child is struggling in school
  1. Meet with teachers. ...
  2. Organize learning support. ...
  3. Communicate openly. ...
  4. Visit a doctor or pediatrician. ...
  5. Support them with homework. ...
  6. Arrange fun outdoor activities. ...
  7. Remain a pillar of support. ...
  8. Encourage your child.
Dec 2, 2021

How do you help students struggling academically? ›

10 Teaching Strategies to Keep Struggling Students Working
  1. Fight the Urge to Tell Students the Answer. ...
  2. Give Students Time to Think of the Answer. ...
  3. Allow Student to Explain Their Answers. ...
  4. Write Down All Directions. ...
  5. Teach Perseverance. ...
  6. Teach Time Management Skills. ...
  7. Take it One Task at a Time.
Sep 10, 2016

How can I help my kindergartener succeed? ›

Consider the following ways to help your kindergartener at home so they can achieve success in school.
  1. Visit the School's Website Beforehand. ...
  2. Support the School's Homework Expectations. ...
  3. Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings. ...
  4. Develop Organizational and Study Skills. ...
  5. Keep Attendance as a High Priority. ...
  6. Try to Become a Learning Coach.
May 3, 2022

What is the most important academic skill? ›


One of the most important academic skills is research; it is, after all, the foundation upon which the whole of academia is based. It may not sound like a skill, but in fact there's an art to it that you'll need to master.

What is the brain development on a 5 year old? ›

The brain is now developing executive function skills that are essential for learning and getting along with others. Although it takes time for these skills to fully develop, your child is starting to be able to: notice when their body is responding to stress and can sometimes cope with those feelings on their own.

What is social development for 5 year olds? ›

Emotional and social development

Want to please and be liked by their friends, though they may sometimes be mean to others. Agree to rules most of the time. Show independence. Are more able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

How advanced should a 5 year old be? ›

Count 10 or more objects. Correctly name at least four colors and three shapes. Recognize some letters and possibly write their name. Better understand the concept of time and the order of daily activities, like breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner at night.

What kindergarteners should know math? ›

By the end of kindergarten math, your child should be able to: years Count to 100 by ones (1, 2, 3..) and tens (10, 20, 30…). Use objects, like blocks, to count, add, and subtract up to 10. Identify circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares.

What number skills should a 5 year old have? ›

Be able to count up to 100 and count a few numbers backwards. Be able to do some basic maths such as adding '1 apple to 2 apples makes 3 apples' and will be able to tell when numbers are higher than other number. Be able to give their full name and know their age, birthday and where they live.

How can I improve my child's focus on studies? ›

7 tips to increase concentration levels in kids
  3. GADGETS. ...
Jun 5, 2022

How do you motivate a kindergartener? ›

You can also offer praise, positive feedback, or improvement suggestions in place of tangible rewards. All of these can motivate your child for future tasks. What is this? Once your child starts developing motivation, setting goals can help them increase their internal drive and give them a plan to follow.

What are the three main factors of academic success? ›

A student is bound to succeed where all four factors - natural ability, motivation, resources and learning skills are available and abundant.

What are three keys to academic success? ›

There are three keys to developing self-regulation: consistent exposure to predictable environments, positive social interactions, and continued learning.

What is the most significant predictor of a child's academic success? ›

Behavioral skills have been found to be significant predictors of students' academic success; therefore, parents and educators need to be constantly observing and monitoring students in early grades to ensure that their social and behavioral skills are developing appropriately.

How do you motivate an academically unmotivated child? ›

Take an interest in your child's interests.

They will be more motivated when pursuing activities they enjoy. Observe your kids to discover where their interests lie. Show interest in their interests, even if those enthusiams differ from what you would like them to be interested in.

What are interventions for academic success? ›

Academic interventions are additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction) and may include supports outside of the regular classroom (i.e. pull-out for small group instruction) necessary to improve academic performance.

How can weak students improve academic performance? ›

These strategies to improve weaker students include differentiated instruction, extra support through targeted interventions, regular progress monitoring and feedback, creating a positive classroom culture, collaboration with parents, positive behavior interventions and supports etc.

How do you motivate academically weak students? ›

A List Of Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation
  1. Give students a sense of control. ...
  2. Be clear about learning objectives. ...
  3. Create a threat-free environment. ...
  4. Change your scenery. ...
  5. Offer varied experiences. ...
  6. Use positive competition. ...
  7. Offer rewards. ...
  8. Give students responsibility.
Dec 11, 2012

Which is the most important skill related to children's success in kindergarten? ›

Language and literacy.

This develops communication through reading, writing, talking and listening. Literacy is a major focus in early learning, and particularly in kindergarten, because these skills are so critical.

What does my child need to do to succeed? ›

5 Things Every Child Needs To Be Successful In Life
  1. A reliable environment. Children need to know they are protected (as much as possible) from the outside world. ...
  2. Opportunities to grow. Kids will not grow unless we give them chances to learn. ...
  3. Connectivity. ...
  4. Encouragement. ...
  5. Problem solving skills.
Jan 8, 2017

What are some accomplishments for kids? ›

Small Successes in School
  • “Finishing a school year so I can relax during the summer.”
  • “Making it to the fifth grade because I didn't think I would.”
  • “Getting my homework done on time.”
  • “Actually completing a social studies project.”
  • “Making a new friend.”
Apr 19, 2021

What are the 5 academic keys to learning? ›

5 key skills for academic success
  • Organization. Whether it's keeping track of research materials or remembering to bring home a lunch box, children need to be organized to succeed in school. ...
  • Time Management. ...
  • Prioritization. ...
  • Concentration. ...
  • Motivation.
Nov 15, 2022

What are academic success skills? ›

Academic skills are the abilities, strategies and habits that can help learners succeed in an academic setting. They generally build on students' mastery of literacy and technical subjects like mathematics and science.

What academic skills do you need to have to be successful? ›

Take a look at this list of skills your student should start developing in preparation for college.
  • Assertiveness. ...
  • Responsibility. ...
  • Self management skills. ...
  • Communication skills. ...
  • Collaboration skills. ...
  • Independent work skills. ...
  • Critical-thinking skills. ...
  • Study skills.

What is an example of academic development? ›

This is called academic development. Some examples of ways to help students develop academically are by offering special services and activities, study sessions, language learning, and other diverse learning opportunities.

What are the four academic skills? ›

The 21st century learning skills are often called the 4 C's: critical thinking, creative thinking, communicating, and collaborating. These skills help students learn, and so they are vital to success in school and beyond.

Why academic skills are crucial for success? ›

Academic success is important because not only the good jobs with the satisfactory wages the students would have, but also the higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations the working students would need in the future (Brown, 1999; National Alliance of Business, Inc., 1998).

Why are the first 5 years of a child's life so important? ›

The early years of a child's life are very important for later health and development. One of the main reasons is how fast the brain grows starting before birth and continuing into early childhood.

How do I make my 5 year old smarter? ›

10 Secrets on How to Raise Smart Kids
  1. Read to Them Early and Often. ...
  2. Make Time for Unstructured Play. ...
  3. Let Them Make Mistakes. ...
  4. Get Them Moving. ...
  5. Eat Dinner Together. ...
  6. Establish a Good Bedtime Routine. ...
  7. Give Them Chores. ...
  8. Exercise Their Brains.
Oct 18, 2022

Why is the child's first five years important? ›

In fact children's brains develop connections faster in the first five years than at any other time in their lives. This is the time when the foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down. Babies are born ready to learn, and their brains develop through use.

What grade should a 5 year old be in? ›

Children begin elementary school with kindergarten (grade K) around age 5. The next year is grade 1 and it goes up each year to grade 5.

Should a 5 year old be able to write their name? ›

The simple answer is don't worry about it. There is no age that your child must know how to write his name. It will probably start emerging around 4 years, maybe a little earlier or later. If your child is too young developmentally to be expected to write, then the same applies to his name.

Should a 5 year old be able to read? ›

Experts say that most children learn to read by age 6 or 7, meaning first or second grade, and that some learn much earlier. However, a head start on reading doesn't guarantee a child will stay ahead as they progress through school.


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