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Almost every gamer has discovered a little secret in the video game they play. A reference to the previous part of the same saga, a key combination that reveals a small hidden video game, a funny joke written on the walls. . . These are examples of what is commonly referred to as an Easter Egg (a term derived from an allusion to the Easter egg hunt), which is anything the developers deliberately hide from the normal player path. Cheat Codes are a subset of Easter Eggs that are usually activated by entering a password or key combination in a certain part of the game. This will unlock and reveal a new feature or unusual behavior. This begs the question of why developers have been using them since the first video games were released, and why they continue to build these backdoors.

Cheating is fun!

Although cheating sometimes makes things too easy because there are so many possibilities: you can work hard day after day to make money and suddenly make a million dollars by finding the right trick online. Or you've been stuck on the same level for months and found a streak that allows you to jump to the next level right away. If you are a game developer, be sure to include codes that are shortcuts. Some players will like these simplifications, but others prefer the harder route because they find it more satisfying.

Go through the back door

For example, if you're designing the final level of your platform video game but just want to test the boss mechanics, going through the level each time can be a bit of a pain. Just enter the code and go straight to the end!

Cheats have been repeated throughout the history of video games mainly for these two reasons. Here are 5 examples of video games that used cheats perfectly.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those rare video games that is synonymous with nostalgia (especially for people my age). Its debug mode is a good example of the code developers have added to explore the extreme conditions of the game launcher and its physics. The great thing about this cheat is that it allows the player to move, duplicate and delete any type of entity in the game and then play them. Almost like the sound level editor in the original game.

How to activate?

It depends on the game and release of Sonic, but all games from the original Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis 1991) to the latest re-releases for mobile platforms have this code.

In 1991's first Sonic game, players could access debug mode by pressing:

  • Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, C, A + Start

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, debug mode even allows you to change the direction of gravity, causing Sonic and enemies to fall on their heads.

MoreBeep codes.

Doom is credited with being the first first-person shooter video game when it was released in 1993, and was also one of the first to make extensive use of cheats to make it easier for beginners.

How to activate?

On the PC version, press CTRL + Alt + ~, type one of the commands below and press Enter:

  • „idqd”

This code activates "God Mode". It is included in all the different versions of the game. Gives the player 100% health and makes them invulnerable, except on Nightmare difficulty.

  • „idspispopd”

Players can pass through walls, enemies, and other level elements without any effect

  • „idmypos”

Displays the coordinates and character direction in hexadecimal (for interpretation by the most experienced computer engineer only)

Moredoom codes

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All GTA games can be played in two ways: by completing one mission at a time or by exploring the vast open space that the game offers. Personally, I prefer the latter option, and it's even better thanks to the imagination of the people at Rockstar who put in a handful of codes that change the weather, cause an unusual vehicle to appear, change the behavior on the road, change the clothes of the main character, etc. .

How to activate?

From the list of cheats that can be easily searched on the Internet for GTA Sant Andreas (PC version), I would choose as favorites:

  • Peak"ROCKET"during the game

Build a jetpack. It's not as spectacular as a plane, but you can fly and land almost anywhere.

  • Peak"KANGUR"

This makes CJ (your main character) jump three times as high. Get the jetpack with the previous code to get to the tallest skyscraper and jump from rooftop to rooftop. Be careful though, fall damage still occurs!

  • enter "AEZAKM”

Basically, diplomatic immunity: complete freedom to do anything without being chased by the police.

  • Peak„BSXSGGC”

Cars will explode when you hit them with your car. Enjoy the destruction.


You will simply fly your car as if it were an airplane. If the police are chasing you, they will fly with you if you exceed the speed limit.

MoreKody do GTA San Andreas

The premise of this video game is simple: you have to live with your Sims, and just like in real life, it's hard to save money every month. For this reason, easy money codes have become the most popular. This helped players who preferred to build large and fully equipped houses to expand their imagination without spending too much time on the playable part.

How to activate?

  • Ctrl + Shift + C + type "clapaucius"(non-patched version)
  • Ctrl + Shift + C + type "rosebud"(revised version)

This code gives you a thousand smoleons (the game's fictional currency). For every "!;" After adding the code, another 1000 will magically appear in your family account.

The Sims has an extensive list of cheats like "move_objects on" that people used to wipe the shower when Sims showered to see them naked. The fun part is what we enjoyed the most and taking the ladder off the pool. people are weird.

MoreSims codes

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This is the most famous of all codes. Maybe because it appeared in over 100 Konami games and unlocked a different feature in each game. It was developed by Kazuhis Hashimoto who developed the Gradius video game in 1985. He found the game too hard to test, so he included a sequence to get all the bonuses at once. He forgot to clear the code, and the game was launched with him and included in future video games, where his popularity grew in beating the most difficult levels.

This code is so famous that it has even been distributed on the World Wide Web. After typing the combination in Google Hangouts, the background of the conversation changes between trees and blue sky. There is a website that lists other websites that reveal the secret when entering the Konami code (the list can of course only be accessed by entering the Konami sequence). He even appeared in a movieDestroy Ralphand in one episodeThe Wonderful World of Gumball. For decades, web developers have been hiding Konami's code on their websites. It never hurts to try the code on your favorite websites and see if something happens!

How to activate?

You should already know this, but just in case:

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

Big head mode, low gravity, infinite ammo, whatever you want. Do you also have a code you can't play without?

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