20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (2023)

Cheat codes have largely disappeared in the modern gaming environment. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements and trophies, getting an advantage by entering a code feels unfair. However, a few games still continue this tradition, either unlocking everything without having to do any work or giving character buffs to make it easier to play.

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All these titles have some cheats that give the player an advantage. The ethics of using them is debatable, but as long as they don't get in the way of others enjoying the game, we say you're having a good day.

Updated March 20, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra:Most people don't want to cheat in video games, but it doesn't necessarily have to happen. Finally, there are a few cases where players can just play around with cheats before they go back to normal. In fact, many classic games are remembered primarily for the uniqueness of the cheats players can use. These range from save games to downright ridiculous situations that some people remember more than the main game content. While most modern games don't use cheats that much, there are still some that do and are quite memorable as a result.

20 Sonic Mania Plus

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (1)

After a series of basic releasesSchallThe fans were excited to witness great modernitySchalla game that has returned to the classic era.Sonic Maniabrought together a team of fans that Sega hired to showcase the blue hedgehog in a game fans could be proud of, and many say the title definitely nailed it in that regard.

In addition to the excellent platform and level designSonic Mania PlusAlsocontains cheats that players can use for various effects. Players must unlock the level selection menu, go to the sound test, and press buttons in a certain order to do everything from unlocking all sound moves to infinite sequels.

19 Eternal destiny

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (2)

Eternal destiny integrates codes in a rather unique way. Instead of containing codes that players can enter, players must explore the levels and find the codes hidden throughout the game's many levels.

The discerning player will be able to enjoy everything from infinite ammo to having all the runes at once. Suffice it to say that ripping and ripping becomes simple for players who have been looking for all the cheats in the game.

18 Wut 2

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (3)

Another modern game that integrates cheating in a unique way isWut 2. The game wasn't a huge success when it was released,but his use of codes was still quite newand other modern programmers should check it out.

Players can use their hard-earned money to purchase codes for Mangoo the Unborn, a wizard in the wastelandWut 2. With enough money, players can turn on Overdrive mode, ask NBA Jam Announcer to tell them what they've been up to, and make other power-ups to play around with.

17 Rain threat 2

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (4)

Rain threat 2is the definition of a great sequel that expands on everything its predecessor did. It also contains cheats that players can tinker with in the game, but which can prove quite cumbersome to activate.

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Players have to edit the game files to even unlock the cheats. This unlocks various console commands that allow players to modify the game in many important ways.

16 Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flagis one of the bestAssassin’s CreedGames ever made with a great atmosphere where players engage in piracy - the art of sailing - and discover the story of Edward Kenway. That's what many fans sayAssassin’s Creedhe is still looking for highlights of this title in later releases.

In order to unlock in-game cheats, players must complete a certain number of Abstergo challenges. Enough challenges allow players to give Edward and Jackdaw unlimited health and ammo, while making a few other changes to refresh the gameplay of this title.

15 Fallout: New Vegas

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (6)

One secFallout: New VegasAlthough the game console itself does not contain cheats, there is no denying that the game console allows players to do whatever they want. From crafting items to enabling god mode, the sheer number of cheats players can enableFallout: New Vegasthey are huge.

Of course, apart from exceptional occasions, players are advised to master the game on their own. At last,Fallout: New Vegasis not a difficult game as the title becomes easier to complete after the player completes several levels.

14 Age of Empires 4

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (7)

TheThe Age of Empires series is known for some inventive codes, IAge of Empires 4is no exception to this rule. The game is filled to the brim with amazing cheats that make a simple gameplay loop really fun.

While there are no codes for specific units, these codes are still quite useful in their own right. Players can do everything from recruiting new troops to acquiring numerous resources.

13 Simsy 4

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (8)

Die Simsis one of the most popular simulation games of all time. The latest title may have had a particularly rough start, but there's no denying that this title has gained momentum with tons of updates and content packs.

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Simsy 4contains a large part of the classic cheats that will increase the household budget while meeting all its needs. While this may lessen the overall challenge of this game, there's no denying that these cheats sidestep a lot of the frustrations that might otherwise occur in the game.

12 Shovel Knight

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (9)

Shovel Knightit's an ode to the retro games that gamers love. With that in mind, it goes without saying that this game also comes with a whole bunch of cheats.

By changing the character's name to specific titles, players can unlock unique powers for their run. The name list is amazing and makes replays great!

SkyrimMany consider it one of the best open-world RPGs of all time, and for good reason. The game's stunning scenery and repetitive gameplay will keep players hooked for hours.

As with other Bethesda games, the console comes withSkyrimallows players to experiment with different cheats. It's a great way to improve the overall experience for fans who may be tired of the game's mechanics after scoring a point.

10 The Great Car Robbery 5

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (11)

Because Los Santos is such a place of destruction, it wouldn't be right if the cheat codes were skippedThe Great Car Robbery 5. ThePS2The lifespan of entries from that era was greatly extended by wacky codes that allowed players to do all sorts of things, and HD games continue that tradition.

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given,GTA OnlineThis adds almost infinite replay value to the experience, but sometimes people just want to randomly venture into town on their own.Codes, accessed via button prompts or dialing a phone number, disable trophies and achievements, so think about it beforehand. For example, open your mobile phone and enter 1-999-3844-8483 to lower your desired level by one star. That should make surviving the killing spree a little easier.

9 Mega Man Legacy 2 Collection

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (12)

This sequel to the firstMega Man Legacy Collectioncontainsmega man7ByMegaMan 10. The series is known for thisBrutal difficulty, which means unlocking everything is a tough challenge.

Fortunately, a quick keyboard shortcut helps you access the DLC for the ninth and tenth entries. On the title screen of any game, just press up, down, left, right, left, right, down, up, up, down and you've got content that would normally require you to complete the game. It even includes a sound effect to let the player know it is activated.

8 Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (13)

This trilogy is a complete reimagining of three classics by the authorPS1age from scratch. When these games first came out, cheats were commonplace. Fortunately, the developer decided to leave these entries and let the players joke around.

They don't even disable trophies, although none of them really help with these challenges. There are countless modifiers within these cheats. In the PS4 version, press R2, L2, R2, L2, up, up, up, up, O for ninety-nine moments of life.A full list of cheats for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Spyro can be found here.

7 Red Dead Redemption 2

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (14)

One secRockstar games"The open-world opus takes a more grounded approach and isn't entirely devoid of its developer signature of chaos and sandbox game design philosophy." freak out. In the pause menu, the prompt button opens the cheat menu.

Although they are all locked initially, they can be accessed by entering the correct code. Some of them are subtle, like adding money to the wallet, but the player can also create horses and get the best weapons instantly. likeGTA V, which will also disable trophies and achievements. Unlike other games, these can be found in the world, sketched somewhere or bought in bought newspapers. Type "greed is now a virtue" and get $500 instantly.

6 Call of Duty Black Ops

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (15)

Call of Duty Black Ops” The title menu offers more interaction than average. If players get up from their chairs and search the room, they will find a computer. Entering the 3ARC INTEL code will provide all intel files, allowing players to read them and know the full story without having to locate them in the campaign.

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3ARC UNLOCK also allows you to play any campaign or zombie level without having to go through the storyline first. The terminal also hides other secrets, like the whole gameZorkbut there is moreeaster eggsbut everything that is useful to the player.

5 StarCraft 2

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (16)

In RTS games, entering codes is quick and easy. Just open the keyboard, type the code, press enter and the entered code will be activated. Each of the games inStarCraft 2The trilogy has its own set of codes that players can use, for example, to activate god mode or add resources instantly.

Some missions are long and tedious, so it's understandable that the player would rather use cheating than restarting the game. Maybe they entered the save file wrong and the only way out is to enter a code like "WhySoSerious" to immediately add five million credits to your inventory. Whatever it is, who are we to judge?

4 Lego games

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (17)

The Lego video game series isgoes hardapart fromlego star warsfirst released on the PS2. Each entry contains tons of unlockables that players gradually collect as they progress through levels, uncover secrets, and purchase items with the studs they collect.

If you don't have the patience or time for that, you can enter cheats at any time to unlock individual characters or get studs faster. The hassle of getting these collectibles and characters is often only half the fun, but some just want instant gratification. Most of them are simple character unlocks, such as opening the Extras menu and typing P8KXSA to unlock Nien Nunb, a fan favorite secondary character.

3 Saints Row IV

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (18)

Go far enoughSaints Row IVCharacter development already works like a code game, but a few extra modifiers can give the player an even greater advantage. A special cheat menu allows you to access invincible cars, infinite money or skills to unlock before being included in the story.

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In a game where players fly through a computer simulation of their recently destroyed lawn, the cheats really don't seem out of place in the story. On mobile, which also serves as the pause menu, go to the "Cheat" tab and type "letsrock" to instantly unlock any weapon.

2 Orange box

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (19)

The miracle of the newhalf life brought gameOrange boxback to our memories Surprisingly, this collection of five games has cheats for every part exceptTeam Fortress 2.

Refilling ammo, gaining infinite health, and even unlocking all chapters can be done at any time by simply pressing a few buttons. The PC version has a different set of cheats that are triggered by entering a password. However, you must first add the console option by pasting "console" in the target field before launching the game. Unfortunately, no game has a code that grants ancient scientists invulnerability to head piercing.

20 modern games where you can still progress with cheats (20)

Firaxis'XCOMThe series are among the hardest games of all time. For those who don't want to play fair, cheats are readily available if anyone knows how to get them.

You can gain a slight advantage in battle by materializing a soldier with the best weapon, or you can go all out and make a unit invincible. When aliens fight dirty with their unfairly advanced technology, why can't the player react immediately? You'll have to fiddle around a bit before you start the game, but once you do, typing "TakeNoDamage" will make you invincible.

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